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Rodgers Awnings
Rodgers Awnings
Rodgers Awnings
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1218 Donaldson Rd Unit F, Greenville, SC 29605, South Carolina 29605
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Our company got its start designing and fabricating canvas for luxury yachts. We came to appreciate the satisfaction of meticulous attention to detail and to respect the nature of water, wind, and the other elements.

When we moved into the awning industry some 20 years ago, we brought along our expertise and familiarity with the elements. Whether it’s a canvas canopy, an aluminum walkway, or a retractable awning, we’re still committed to preserving that sense of individual design through quality craftsmanship and an understanding of what it takes to survive in an outdoor climate.

Rodgers Awnings is committed to understanding each client’s individual needs, so we work closely to understand the nature of your challenges, your time constraints, and individual requirements. An experienced principal oversees each project from conception through construction, ensuring you get the quality product you want with the benefits you need.

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commercial awnings
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